Health @ Home

In our ever­present quest to expand our services to better serve the community, LRBC ​ ​has announced the opening of our newest program aptly named, Health​@­Home.

Realizing that all too often simply having medical equipment and the like ​​available for​ ​loan is not enough, our volunteers are now available to deliver equipment and services to​ ​the patients, literally at their doorstep. Hospital beds, wheelchairs, commodes, recliners,​ shower chairs and more are now just a phone call away, as well as visiting nurses who​ ​volunteer their time and expertise in administering medications. In essence, bringing the​ ​best of bikur cholim, to the comfort of the patients’ homes. The time saved by this​ ​invaluable assistance further allows the caregivers who would otherwise be preoccupied​ ​with these sometimes lengthy and complicated transports, to focus on the real goal at​ ​hand; care giving. With so much of their healthcare needs demanding prolonged​ ​hospitalizations and convalescence in various facilities, we look forward to allowing​ ​them to maximize the comfort of home.

Health ​@ Home has been made possible only through the magnanimous dedication of​,​the Kishk Family of Brooklyn, NY and Deal, NJ in loving memory of Mr. Joseph Kishk​ ​A”H. Mrs.Esther Kishk and her children Abe & Joyce Kishk, Jack & Meline Kishk​ ​and David & Michelle Kamar , have so benevolently introduced this novelty to the​ ​Lakewood­ Jersey Shore division of LRBC in perpetuation of their beloved husband and​ ​father. To date, Health­At­Home has made to deliveries to numerous locations in​ ​Lakewood, The Jersey Shore and even as far as Brooklyn. Secure your place in the annals​ ​of this breakthrough display of goodness and caring, and allow your sponsorship to work​ ​for those who need it most­ in the comfort of their own homes.​