Senior Program

Bikur Cholim takes great pride in our programs for the elderly in the community. We arrange free day programs several times a week to facilitate an active lifestyle for the elderly. We currently have two senior programs; our Senior Program and our "Junior" Senior Program. These invigorating programs include light exercise, an informative lecture, social activities and a nutritious lunch. Our "Junior" Senior Program includes computer courses to teach our seniors how to use computers and a special course on how to use social networking sites. We provide free transportation to and from the facilities. These programs provide structure and improved quality of life for the elderly in the community, keeping them active in body and spirit.

Upon the passing of one of the members of the senior group, a Bikur Cholim volunteer went to pay a shiva call. The family related that their late mother's memory was failing. As a result she constantly would ask, "When is Monday?" They eventually realized that Monday was the day she would attend the senior groups. Not only did she enjoy the senior programs immensely, but it was clearly the highlight of her week.
When Mrs. Rose Kranz broke her hip and was confined to her bed for a long period of time, she told a Bikur Cholim volunteer, "The most difficult part of the ordeal was missing the senior groups."